Using Git tutorial for Debian-Women

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On the 25th of November I held a training session for the Debian Women project, about Using `Git <>`__. A transcript of the session is available.

The session took 2,5 hours, more than I really expected (one hour less), but I had many questions asked. There were ~160 attendants, but many of those asking questions seem to have missed that this was a "basic" session, for people who never used it.

All in all, it was a great experience. While preparing the talk, I had the chance to re-read some forgotten manpages, which clarified some points, so it was really useful for me as well :)

Given the kind of questions I had, it would be nice to have an "Advanced Git" session, maybe in January-February. Any volunteers? I'll sure be attending it :)

FYI, the next session will be held by POX (Piotr Ożarowski) next Thursday (Dec, 2). It will be about Python libraries/application packaging, you'll have to read the introductory session as a pre-requisite.

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