..so I turned 22.

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Eheh, I'm getting older... 22 today! :)

I just wanted to put down some of the important things happened to me this year...

  • sentimental life: epic fail... not really in the mood of talking about it;
  • University life: I finally passed two exams which blocked me for all the previous year: yay! Now I'm being stuck with other things -- not too much enthusiasm in some courses...
  • Debian life: I finally had my GPG key signed by TWO Debian Developers: I became DM, and had upload rights on non-NEW packages. Great! We had Lenny released. Uber-Great!
  • misc life: I just tried getting more people-friendly, more active (meaning being less lazy), less nerd (I probably failed in this particular aspect), better, in a word.

Wishes for the 22-23 development cycle :) :

  • finally becoming a DD! (I'm NM since Dec-2007..)
  • trying to pass many exams as possible at University
  • seriously fall in love (I think I've already started this with the girl I'm with now...)
  • misc improvements (sorry, you can't send patches... or yes?)

Happy birthday to me!

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