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Someone called it "The Mozilla scandal", to let people understand the situation which involves Debian GNU/Linux and the notorious Mozilla Firefox browser. As you can read in the bug report sent by Mike Connor, there's a serious license problem as concerns the Mozilla browser. As said in the long discussion, in fact, the name "Firefox" is a Mozilla Corporation trademark, which should be used with their own artwork which are copyrighted. This is in contradiction with Debian's philosophy to use only free software (not meant as free-of-charge). Debian, in fact, has used the name "Firefox" without using Mozilla artworks. There's a condition imposed by Mozilla which states that you use both the name and the artwork, or neither.The proposal is, therefore, to rename the browser, and on some blogs some ideas were born:

  • IceWeasel;
  • FireChicken;
  • FoxFire;
  • FreeFox;
  • Fire-you-know-what;
  • Not-FireFox;
  • WaterWolf;
  • OpenFox / DebFox / PeopleFox / WorldFox;
  • PlasmaFox;
  • ... .

As you can understand, some names are highly ironic, other are more realistic for a possible renaming proposal. What will happen? Debian probably will rename the browser, or maybe they'll put it in the non-free branch, or they'll create a "Firefox Community Edition"... Let's hope they'll find a middle ground... Some links:

  • Punto Informatico (in Italian);
  • Code Chunk.
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