JOSM in Debian now supports OAuth authentication

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Finally we have the same exact features as the upstream precompiled one. YAY!

Here's the story. JOSM supports the OAuth authentication method since the SVN snapshot rev. 3094. At the time (the package was uploaded on Mar 18, 2010), we didn't have some needed dependencies in Debian for that. So I had to disable it, by patching the source code.

In the meanwhile, I started filing RFP/ITPs, to fulfill the missing dependency chain. And it turned to be a *long chain*. Here it is:

JOSM missing dependencies

JOSM missing dependencies graph

Looking at it now, that it's all done, it doesn't seem that long. However, I had to face the infamous Maven buildsystem, which I didn't know at all and pretended to download every dependency in a "local repository". Then I found the maven-debian-helper and maven-repo-helper packages, and started understanding it. Unfortunately, it seems that maven is only being used by CDBS people, so I had to override some debian/rules targets to get the work done with dh7.

Once the chain was fulfilled... JOSM didn't even compile. Then I discovered that JOSM had code working with oauth-signpost 1.1, but 1.2 (which I uploaded to Debian) broke the API. So I had to port it to the new API, and I could finally upload it.

Now we're at the end of this adventure. Debian JOSM users will have the choice of OAuth re-enabled, and I learned to master a new (to me) beast.

Enjoy :)

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