Free software yes, free speech too!

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Dear Julien,

that proposal is not about censoring mails sent in by people. Think to it as that "karma" thing many sites have.

And yes, I'm one of those in favour of such project. I'm a free {software,speech} guy, but just hate all the flames seen lately on -devel. We must find a way to stop that, or at least to control it.

Again, it's not censorship, as I read it, all messages would go in. Citing:

I have also seen opinions that other "obvious" ways of addressing the issue, such as moderation of the lists or a new organizational entity, which would act as a list watchdog, is not the way to go, as it adds yet another layer of bureacracy and raises the usual questions of choosing the "right" people for the privileged position.

It's just an alternative way of expressing opinions about a mail. Consider it as those "+1"/"-1" mails that you can often see.

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