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This is my first post on Planet. Great day!

Here's a presentation of myself. I'm David Paleino, I'm 21 and studying Odontology in Palermo, Italy. Yes, I'm Italian.

Some might know me because of my past "key-signing problems": that was a big issue, indeed. Anyway.

I've started contributing to Debian some time ago, initially in pkg-perl team. Then I joined debian-med, and I'm still in that team. Being a dentist in future, I wanted to help the "medical" section of Debian, even though there isn't any software I could use in my future work. I'll work on that, eventually.

I've developed, together with Andreas Tille, Debian Med's website and "scripts": those are intended to be used also for other Debian Blends (formerly CDDs).

Now I'm also active in pkg-mono: I'm helping in the transition to Mono 2.0, and that's a big task.

I also maintain some packages, even some more or less popular ones (gthumb, john, gnome-rdp, bash-completion).

I'm concerned with Free Software also outside Debian-specific work: I help my LUG (SputniX) in organizing various FOSS-related events. Incidentally, tomorrow there's the LinuxMeeting, and on Sunday we have JavaDay. Everyone's welcome!

I definitely hope I won't annoy you too much with my posts!

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