Finally a DD!

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Finally, it happened! I became a Debian Developer!

I wish to thank everybody involved in this process: from those who helped me in my initial packaging efforts, to who actually created the account.

Many thanks to the pkg-perl team for accepting newbies and helping them: props to Damyan Ivanov, Gregor Herrmann, Gunnar Wolf!

Thanks to Debian-Med and Debian CLI: they always believed in me, and I had a great time in these teams. A special thanks goes to Andreas Tille, who advocated my NM candidature.

Thanks to my two AMs, Bart Martens and Bernd Zeimetz. Even if my NM was long, difficult and not so flawless, it all went good, at the end :).

A special thanks to Enrico Zini: he was the first DD signing my GPG key, thus allowing me to have more "rights" (being a DM), and experience some more responsibility than I previously had. Thanks to his "Become a DD. NOW!" right after checking my ID in Palermo -- Enrico, it finally happened!

Thanks to Christoph Berg, Ron Lee, and Stephen Gran, which handled the final steps of the overall process.


And now, dapal is here to break the world. Be warned! :)

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