Copyright nightmares... and NM.

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I'm adopting libnet for Debian, and the old maintainer didn't do a good job with filling debian/copyright with the right information. In fact, he only completed the information for the upstream author of the package, but didn't do anything to check whether the other pieces composing this software contained other copyright notices... and, well, there are. Lots. And, well, also different licenses. :-(

I'm now getting kinda sad about this. I did a lot of work to get the information completed right, and was having a problem with the definition of a couple of licenses (whether they were DFSG-free or not). I've then asked to my usual sponsor, which is also my AM. And, well, he took those issues into the NM process. Well, I know this is his "job" as my AM, and he does this to guarantee I'll be (if ever) the best DD I can. But, well, I was looking for a wise suggestion from an experienced developer, and didn't want my mails to be put on trial for NM. I'm just mad at this. :-/

I hope everything will go well for my NM, after this request for help to my sponsor.

UPDATE Jun 10, 2008: my sponsor sent me a mail replying to a question like "I hope this won't compromise my NM", saying that he's still confident that I can become an excellent DD. Wow :-)

*[AM]: Application Manager *[NM]: New Maintainer *[DD]: Debian Developer

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