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After more than 9 months from the previous release, the Bash Completion Team is proud to announce the release of bash-completion 1.2!

In this release, we dropped support for bash < 3.2. We're sorry, but we cannot stop development just to support versions that old. By now, everyone should have a version fulfilling our requirement.

As usual, lots of completions have been added: we're now at 168 files in our contrib/ directory (1.1 had 145, and 1.0 had 44 -- but most completions in 1.0 were bundled in the main file). Now bash_completion only contains helper functions, and basic filename-based completions. Everything has moved to contrib/!

This release also saw the contribution of many external people, despite the fact that our bugtracker on Alioth doesn't seem to work too well (problem with attachments, anyone?). Anyhow, you're invited to register and start filing bugs as you find them :).

Apart from the usual team members (Ville Skyttä, Freddy Vulto, the newcome Leonard Crestez and me), we've had contributions from (in no particular order): Ted Stern, Jeremie Lasalle Ratelle, Raphaël Droz, Adrian Friedli, Ildar Mulyukov, Neville Gao, Austin English, Igor Murzov, Mario Schwalbe and Mark van Rossum. Thank you people for helping us!

For completion developers: we added new helper functions. Most notably, it's now possible to get the current and the previous "word" just by calling:

_get_comp_words_by_ref cur prev

instead of (up to 1.1):



Also, we have a new helper to deal with completion with colons, __ltrim_colon_completions(). See the comment in bash_completion for its documentation.

You'll find more helpers directly in bash_completion. We're still far from having a distributable API documentation, so please forgive us.

Enjoy the new bash-completion!

-- David

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