Bash-completion 1.1 released

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Here we go, another release has been cooked for your enjoyment: bash-completion 1.1 is here!

This release's development cycle has seen the release of bash4: this introduced a number of bugs, which have been hopefully fixed. Blame us if you find any other :)

Many completions were split out of bash_completion: this prepares the road to dynamic loading of needed completions (in a future major release), resulting in a smaller and faster completion!

Furthermore, like each release, many new completions have been added, many old ones were improved, and some bugs have been fixed (more than 20). For more info, look at the changelog file.

Still there? Go download bash-completion-1.1!

For any bug you might find, please contact us at our mailing list, or directly file it at the Alioth tracker.


For the Debian users out there: package coming soon!


Happy installation!

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