Bash-Completion 1.0 released

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The Bash Completion Development team is proud to announce the release

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of | bash-completion 1.0!

This release features many new improvements: first of all, the upstream development is now driven by a cross-distribution team. We now have people from Debian, Mandriva, Gentoo, Exherbo, RedHat/Fedora, and we're hopefully going to grow more! See the AUTHORS file for more information.

Other than that, many new completions have been added, and plenty of

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bugs | have been fixed (49!). For more info, look at our changelog file.

Still there? Go download bash-completion-1.0!

We also changed homepage, thanks to Debian's Alioth project for the
For any bug you might find, please contact us at our mailing list, or
directly file it at the Alioth tracker.

Happy installation!

P.S.: Debian package coming soon.

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