Going back to the Fox

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Sorry Joss, I'm going back to FireFox.

I've been a happy user of Epiphany-Gecko for more than a year, I admit, but right now it has become too buggy. Yes, it's gecko's fault, I know, but it became unusable at all.

And Epiphany-Webkit isn't that better. It has lots of bugs, and missing important functionalities (i.e. the recent "Open in New Tab doesn't work"-bug...).

I'm going back to Firefox. Version 3 opens up very fast on my laptop. I admit I am a bit lost -- I'll miss something of Epiphany (for example, the ability of adding "custom" search fields on top -- I had one for the BTS...).

I'll probably revert to Epiphany, sure. But that will take some time, unfortunately :-/ . I know the developers have announced they'll completely switch to webkit, but in the meanwhile, I'll stick with Firefox.

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